Fire, Water and Governments Want Your Life!

For fire you run. For water you swim. Handling a Government is knowing real HISTORY!

If you stand up promoting truth by confronting them with all lies to have total freedom, f.i. you want to go of the grid: you are either neglected, prisoned, or killed! It all started with covered up Secret Societies and their lies about Germany during and after World War I. ALL REAL KNOWLEDGE is censured and neglected by our 'FREE' PRESS!

We open with a speech from Benjamin Freedman, given in 1961 at the Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C.

When you had the courage to hear Freedman's speech completely out, you now know the truth and you also know he was a intimate friend of the Kennedy family. It is now time to listen to the speech of president Kennedy! After this you will realise who the real killers were from both Kennedy brothers.

Now it becomes time to see that ISRAEL is in fact ruling the US and the complete world. Why else should everyone who wants to become president of the US, have to have the approval from AIPAC? The new president of the US will not be Trump. It will be Hillary Clinton. Her husband was a former US president and is Jewish, is he not? Hillary already proofed her liability to Israel, attacking Libya and killing stand-in-the-way Government officials to reach the target! Also Syria involvement is clear. Her e-mails are showing more information than she liked to give publicly. She will be installed as president because Rothschild (owns Federal Reserve Bank, BIS, 48 investment banks in this world and THE 'Big Four') and Rockefeller (Banking, insurance, oil and pharmaceuticals) say so! Together with the BLACK NOBILITY they OWN THE WORLD! OUR POLITICIANS ARE NOT MORE than DISPOSABLE MATERIALS to them! ALSO THE PRESIDENT OF THE US! Such a 'low life' can be killed whenever the order is given, is it not?


Is it normal procedure in a 'DEMOCRACY' that EVERY US president MUST have an approval from a RELIGION???? Think about it. JEW is not a race, but a religion! In fact, a Chinese MUSLIM is not trying to fool us by saying that he is ARABIC, is it?

Well, I hope you have a lot of questions right now. They all will be answered on this website!

To be honest! The Unites States of America TOGETHER with NATO are the 'DOGS OF WAR' from Israel!

Israel is filled with Khazar Jews, better said: non Semitic Jews for over 98%! They are not better then ANY NAZI during World War II!

They proof it every day at GAZA! You did not notice it yet? Shame on you!

This is just the beginning from all knowledge you never got at schools and universities. Now the reading has to start. First the book from Jim Marrs Secret Societies. And after this we still have another book, also about Secret Societies from Jan Van Helsing, more focused upon the 20st century!