Every CANCER can be healed. There are no different cancers. It is a fairy-tale told by 'scientists' who know nothing about cancer. You, as a patient, you have cancer, not your organs, your breasts etc. To understand what cancer is, and how we, alternative healers, are opposed by the CANCER INDUSTRY you have to watch the documentary 'The Forbidden Cures'. I can cure CANCER in about 2 MONTHS, so if you still have 2 months or more to go [...]

An article about Dr. Warburg gave ME the courage to go on with the therapy I discovered in 1996! And what I discovered is really embarrassing for all UNIVERSITIES and their professors! How to cure CANCER IS already known since 1924, and in 1931 Dr. Warburg got his Nobel-price for Medicine because of his cancer research and ways to heal cancer. He got it because he knew how CANCER developed, and everything about the metabolism. So he could heal cancer by giving cells OXYGEN. Indeed a product like Sodiumbicarbonaat FORCES EVERY CANCER CELL TO BREATHE OXYGEN and this is why and how CANCER CELLS are destroyed. Cancer cells HATE oxygen, they live on SUGARS. Oxygen kills all cancer cells, also all stem cells which produce cancer cells.

It is not because of a university study you know something!

If you did not discover the essence of your profession? ... What did you learn?

As GOOGLE is fooling around and censoring these kinds of video's on Youtube, we also have an alternative available

Le cancer et ses nombreux morts ---» Des meurtres au premier degré ---» Un Génocide from Rock Larochelle on Vimeo.

It will be best NOT using GOOGLE anymore as GOOGLE is CENSORING/blocking/filtering all 'alternative' sites! You will never come up with something you HAVE TO KNOW if you USE GOOGLE!

If you don't have a choice of opinion, you are BRAINWASHED!

Alternatives are f.i.: duckduckgo , ixquick , Dogpile , gopher or qwant

Peer Review is the superlative degree of CONVERGENT thinking. Also the one and only reason why science is not growing anymore. All stays the same and if science has a 'confrontation' with a DIVERGENT thinker, like Doctor Simoncini, it seems he is a real 'DANGER' for the Medical establishment because his license was confiscated. Not because of being a so called QUACK. No, because he was using not allowed cures to heal cancer!

Just to be honest. I am not completely agreeing with Dr. Simoncini his view on cancer. Scientific seen there is more and FUNGUS is not THE cancer but a byproduct of cancer. Fungus exist because of the LOW pH. And cancer cells like the acidity because it shuts down the oxygen supply. Kill the FUNGUS and you kill the cancer. It is true, but only if you use Sodium bicarbonate. And, there are more ways to bring up pH levels and kill the CANCER without operations and other specialized medical accredited interventions.

The same time you can kill all cancer cells, stem cells included.

Everyone can heal cancer at home! You don't need to be a doctor! You don't need to visit a hospital!

Here are the basics of getting cancer. Cancer is caused by low pH of the blood, high intake of sugars and carbohydrates, antibiotics and all chemical additives in food.

Yes, your irresponsible way of eating and drinking is the main cause!

Is this also the reason why I am not allowed to heal cancer patients in a legitimate way? At least I can heal 'all' cancers with the same therapy. It proves that a complete person has cancer not an organ. It will learn you a lot, believe me. The establishment has to rethink the complete education for medical doctors. Is it frightening them?

I also prove that healing cancer is not handling tumors. A tumor is NOT cancer. Tumors are a kind of 'containers' wherein the body is collecting all cancer cells. What do you think is happening if doctors start a 'biopsy' or surgery of a tumor?

If it is malignant, you mister MD, already killed your patient!

I know you are shocked. But it is the truth!

That moment every handling MD is in all reality a murderer because HE or SHE KNOWS that Chemotherapy is NOT WORKING and the cancer will be spread by the patients blood towards, God who knows, wherever in the body!

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